Writing SQL with AI

In this section, we will explore how to write SQL queries with AI assistance.

Find tables and write queries

In this video, I will show you how to write queries using AI assistance. If you're not familiar with SQL, don't worry, the AI will help you out. I'll explain how to navigate through different schemas and tables, and provide a comprehensive description of the data and columns. I'll also demonstrate how to use the Databricks Assistant to find the most prescribed drug in 2020. Watch the video to learn more and start writing queries with ease!

Write SQL with AI

In this video, I demonstrate how to find the most prescribed drug in 2020 using the Databricks assistant and the mimi_ws_1 datasets. I start by asking the assistant the question and then proceed to write a query to retrieve the data. I quickly review the description and code before running the query. I make adjustments to the query to display the top 10 most prescribed drugs by volume. The process is fast and efficient. No action is requested from the viewers.

Make AI explain SQL

In this video, I will guide you through finding the interactive data visualizations published by Mimilabs on the Databricks workspace. These visualizations are generated from our Databricks workspace and are stored in the Shared-r folder. I will show you how to navigate to the SQL folder, where you can find scripts that correspond to each visualization. These scripts have descriptions and observable links to help you understand and utilize them. Join me to explore these cool graphs and learn how to enhance your understanding using AI.


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